rules of the blog

Because we will be talking about service and the relaying of service information I want to lay down some ground rules.

1/ The information given in this blog are to be used for guide purposes only

2/ The user of this information (
that's you) accepts responsibility for working on their own suspension unit, if something goes wrong, you did it, not us!

3/ The user (
that's you) accepts responsibility for the condition of their own tools and although we make every effort to state correct sizes, if the size quoted looks wrong to whats in front of you, it probably is wrong.

4/ Know what’s in front of you, model name and model year are essential for correct part finding/ oil levels/ torque settings.

5/ Every effort is made to give the correct information for each fork, if yours is similar but not quite the same you may have to modify the information to match what you have in front of you. 

6/ Oil is hazardous and harmful to the environment, always re-cycle oil at your local waste disposal depot.

7/ If you are in any doubt about any of the procedures it is probably a good sign to pay someone to service the fork for you.

1/ Always work in a clean area, where the fork can be disassembled and the parts cleaned and inspected.

2/ Always use the correct tools, making do or bodging always leads to mistakes.

3/ Use an old washing up bowl as an oil sump, this contains the oil and makes it easy to re-cycle it.

4/ Use a bicycle frame stand clamp to hold the fork and keep it steady when working on it.

5/ Always use genuine seals, Marzocchi use NOK for a reason, they are the best