Tuesday, 12 March 2013

2005 66 travel change

15mm socket
10 & 26mm spanner
Torque wrench

1/ First off all make sure the adjusters are in the middle setting
2/ Unscrew the top cap using a 26mm spanner
3/ Compress the stanchion to expose the top cap assembly
4/ Holding the locknut (51) with a 10mm spanner, undo the top plug & remove
5/ Remove part 52 and remove the spring
6/ Using a 15mm socket, undo both foot nuts
7/ Remove both damper units & drain oil
8a/ if extending to 170mm; remove spacer 61 from damper shaft
8b/ turn part 52 upside down (o-ring on top) and place 61 over the o- ring seat
8c/ if reducing to 150mm; remove part 61 from part 52
8d/ turn part 52 upside down (o-ring underneath)
9/ place the part 61 over the damper shaft
10/ Re-fit damper units
11/ TORQUE foot nuts to 12Nmm
12/ Re-fill using SAE 7.5w oil with 210cc per leg
13/ Re-fit springs
14/ re-fit part 52 and lock nut 51
15/ Tighten lock nut and then top plug on to the damper shaft
16/ Tighten top plug in to the stanchion