torque levels

As most components on a Marzocchi fork are aluminium it is vital that you use a torque wrench. Extreme damage can be caused by over tightening like a snapped cartridge or the fork could in theory come apart by under-tightening.

As most torque levels are low it is important to get a torque wrench that can read as low as 3-4NM. We recommend the BBB TorqueFix BTL-73 that has a range of 2-14NM.

COMPONENT                                         TORQUE
Air Bleed Screw                                          3Nm
Arch bolts (Monster/ D-Steet)                        6Nm
Arch bolts (all models 97-02)                         9Nm
Cantilever pins                                                11Nm
Cartridge and Damping rod foot nuts               11Nm
Cartridge foot nut (Monster 03-05)                25Nm
Drop out pinch clamp (888/ 05 single crown) 6Nm
Drop out pinch clamp (Shiver/ Monster)         10Nm
ECC/ ETA/ TAS/ Rebound Knob bolt            2Nm
Fender bolts                                                   6Nm
Lower Clamp                                                 6Nm
Pre-load knob grub screw                            1.5Nm
Upper clamp (888 04-07 only)                      15Nm
Upper clamp (all others)                                6Nm
Rebound Knob SSV type bolt                        2Nm
Stem (888)                                                    6Nm
Stem (Monster/ Shiver/ Jnr)                           10Nm
QR20+ pinch bolt                                         5Nm
20mm Axle end nut                                        15Nm