Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Making adjustments: Internally adjustable SSV damping

Internally adjustable damping was common throughout the Marzocchi range from 2002-2007 and featured in many models including the Z4, MXC, Z1 Wedge, Z1 Drop Off, Drop Off Triple, EXR and many more.

The adjusting tool can either be a brass 3mm hex key, a white plasitc M8 hex key or the multi-size Marzocchi tool YR5162,

top, 3mm, middle 8mm, bottom Marzoochi tool
The adjustable damper can be located inside one or both legs and by adjusting the rebound phase you can alter (hydraulically) the speed the fork will extend.

To adjust the internal rebound damping you will firstly need to expel the air from both legs and remove both top caps using a 21mm socket.

Using the adjustable tool, place tool into the centre of the stanchion and locate in the adjuster valve at the bottom (this is quite tricky, once located you will be able to push the tool right in to the fork).

To increase the damping (slower) rotate tool anti-clockwise, to decrease damping (faster) rotate tool clockwise.
this is a rod removed from the fork so you can better see the valve