Wednesday, 23 July 2014

SERVICE: Marzocchi XC500, XC600 & XC700

This service procedure will cover the XC500 (24mm stanchions), XC600 (26mm stanchions) and XC700 (26mm stanchions)  models with the in-line damping adjuster.
XC 700
Tools Required: R5008BZ air cap puller

General Tools: Cir-clip pliers, flat bladed screwdriver

Service Instructions
1/ Let all the air out of the fork
2/ Place air cap extractor tool on shreader valve
3/ Tap tool (thus tapping plug) 10mm into the stanchion
4/ Remove cir-clip from inside the stanchion
5/ Pull upper plug unit out of the stanchion
6/ Empty fork of oil
7/ Remove dust seal
8/ Remove Oil seal retaining cir-clip
9/ Replace upper plug
10/ Carefully place the stanchion in a vice (the plug will stop you crushing the stanchion)
11/ Pull lower leg away from the stanchion & the two parts will separate,
12/ The oil seal will come out with the stanchion
13/ Remove upper plug
14/ Clean fork components and check for wear & tear
15/ Place the new oil seal on the stanchion and replace stanchion
16/ Replace cir-clip
17/ Replace dust seal
18/ Re-fill with 20w oil (XC50/51 = 7.5w) 35mm from the top of the stanchion with the
stanchion fully compressed
19/ Replace upper plug & cir-clip
20/ Inflate to 30-45 psi

Conic seal ring replacement on the damper. The damper is retained by a grub screw located under the main XC700 decal on the front of the fork. Once the screw is removed you can push the adjuster up in to the leg and the damper will come out.

first image step 8 - second image step 11 - third image stanchion assembly 

Update: The genuine Marzocchi oil seal in no longer available and we are currently looking at aftermarket seals to match them up. The seal size is ID 26mm x OD 35mm x height 6mm. If anybody finds a seal of this size please let me know!