Wednesday, 23 July 2014

SERVICE: Marzocchi XC500, XC600 & XC700

This service procedure will cover the XC500 (24mm stanchions), XC600 (26mm stanchions) and XC700 (26mm stanchions)  models with the in-line damping adjuster.
XC 700
Tools Required: R5008BZ air cap puller

General Tools: Cir-clip pliers, flat bladed screwdriver

Service Instructions
1/ Let all the air out of the fork
2/ Place air cap extractor tool on shreader valve
3/ Tap tool (thus tapping plug) 10mm into the stanchion
4/ Remove cir-clip from inside the stanchion
5/ Pull upper plug unit out of the stanchion
6/ Empty fork of oil
7/ Remove dust seal
8/ Remove Oil seal retaining cir-clip
9/ Replace upper plug
10/ Carefully place the stanchion in a vice (the plug will stop you crushing the stanchion)
11/ Pull lower leg away from the stanchion & the two parts will separate,
12/ The oil seal will come out with the stanchion
13/ Remove upper plug
14/ Clean fork components and check for wear & tear
15/ Place the new oil seal on the stanchion and replace stanchion
16/ Replace cir-clip
17/ Replace dust seal
18/ Re-fill with 20w oil (XC50/51 = 7.5w) 35mm from the top of the stanchion with the
stanchion fully compressed
19/ Replace upper plug & cir-clip
20/ Inflate to 30-45 psi

Conic seal ring replacement on the damper. The damper is retained by a grub screw located under the main XC700 decal on the front of the fork. Once the screw is removed you can push the adjuster up in to the leg and the damper will come out.

first image step 8 - second image step 11 - third image stanchion assembly 

Update: The genuine Marzocchi oil seal in no longer available and we are currently looking at aftermarket seals to match them up. The seal size is ID 26mm x OD 35mm x height 6mm. If anybody finds a seal of this size please let me know! 


  1. hello,
    I am rebuilding an XC600 fork, and ordered a seal kit off the internet. It was supposed to be a complete kit, but does not contain the conic seal 313, and mine are damaged.
    Do you know where I can get more, or how I can repair the tears in the originals.
    thank you,

  2. you are fortunate to get a kit as we have now been informed by Marzocchi that the 26mm oil seal is discontinued. The conic seal is available, part number 528196

  3. Thank you. Is it available direct from Marzocchi?
    Ive previously sent them a message, but got no response.

  4. I don't believe Marzocchi has a direct store, however you can order using that code via any Marzocchi dealer.

  5. is there any place to buy a service kit for the xc600?

  6. HI Devon, currently the 26mm seal kit is discontinued and we no longer have stock. We are currently looking in to using an alternative seal but this has not been tested, yet.

  7. ok thanks! Are the seals the same for the xcr?

  8. yes, all 26mm forks use the same seal

  9. I am overhauling an xc51, and am wondering if the extraction tool you show is a marzocchi tool, or a generic automotive tool. It doesn't show up on a search or on this sites tool list. I used a valve core repair tool to press the cap down and get the clip out, but have no leverage to pull it out without damaging something. Also, I have found 24mm seal kids in stock in the UK, but they only show they are for the XC500. Would these be interchangeable? Marzocchi USA said their records don't go back that far, so they had no help to give.

    1. If you don't have a tool nor an Schraderventiladapter or a pump to pull out the cap you can 'shoot' it out by using air pressure, just pump it carefully. BUT BE VERY CAREFULLY!! Put a net, towl etc. over it and mount it to be save!!!!

      The XC500 seals are compatible with XC51 ;-)

      If you need parts, support or even decals, drop me a line via

    2. Hi, did you work for Marzocchi? BTW your website doesn't work?

    3. Sorry, over-read your message. No, I don't work for Marzocchi, but I have a bigger collection of Marzocchi forks and parts from the 90's.

    4. YOu can reach me at

    5. I managed to remaster some of the Marzocchi tools, the air cap puller and the oil seal press-in tool for 24 and 26mm forks.

  10. Unfortunately the valve key is now no longer available. To remove the plug you can place a socket over the valve so it is touching the plug only, then tap the socket to push the plug in to the stanchion and expose the cir-clip and remove. To get the plug out place a shock pump on the air valve and place the fork in a box, the box stops the oil spraying anywhere. Pimp the fork up until the plug pops out of the stanchion (under pressure).
    The 24mm seal kit can be used on the XC51 also.

  11. I have a2008 xc600 with a broken internal tube at the top threads. Any help on replacing?

  12. the 2008 model? The upper assembly is 818527/A and out of stock at Windwave and Marzocchi and no ETA?

  13. Just found some brand new sealing kits for XCR, XC700 and XC600 in my friends workshop. They have to be shipped from Switzerland...

  14. Hi there!! Here from Argentina...i am restoring a 1998 wheeler 9800 that has a Marzocchi XC600, therefore i will by needing the seal kit to rebuild the fork that has plenty oilleaks.-

    How can i get in touch with you in order to purchase them?

    Also might need the XC600 stickers to matchup.-

    thank you very much in advance!!

    her is my email just in case is better;

    1. the 26mm oil seal is no longer available from Marzocchi. You could try or ?

    2. I managed to buy off a bike shops 26mm oil seals and this year I reprinted most of the older Marzocchi decals, XC600 included.
      You can get in contact here:

  15. Hi! I've found a matching oil seal in a car part shop. The size is exactly 26x35x6mm, part number CORTECO 01035337B. Afaik it doesn't have that metal thing in it and the lip is in the lower part. I installed it, rode about 50 km up until now and experienced no problems. I'll keep you informed how it performs trough time.

    1. great find! let us know how you get on long term?

    2. After 150km of riding mainly trough urban area there is an oil film visible on stanchion and it gathers on dust seal, so it's not 100% sealed. But it's much better than with old seal.

  16. Hi All,

    Looking for a kit for XC700. Any ideas? I'll be looking at the sources above for now...


  17. I have a bunch of original Marzocchi 26mm oil seals left, please contact me @

  18. Hi All, I have a 1998 Peugeot Control 800 MTB that uses Marzocchi XC700 that I am restoring. The decals on the XC700 are in very bad condition. If anyone know where to get the full set of the XC700 decals please let me know

  19. There is a guy in Ungary, who prints DH3 and XC700 stiker, .

    Best reagards

  20. Hello, I have an old 500XC from 1994 (off of a Kona Kula) and can't seem to locate the oil seals. I found some locally, but they are not oil resistant and just blow out after a couple of weeks. Any ideas of where to locate the seal, or a rebuild kit? Please help, I am dying to get my old ride back on the road. It was stolen and was gone for seven years and I got it back and can't wait to ride it again. Thanks!!!

    1. kit:

  21. Well, after some problems I managed to place an production order for the outer 26mm outer dust seal in China in a well known rubber/seal company which produces a lot of seals for european companies. I don't know what will happen iun the end, but the first test parts are on it's way to me.
    If this will work I will try to produce other seals.
    I will keep you posted @, please subscribe notifications on my website.

  22. Well, I received the first 10 samples from China last Thursday and they are looking realy good!! :-) :-) :-)
    I'm very happy and a little bit proud .... have a look at