Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Marzocchi 350NCR lower leg service

A lower leg service is easy to do and will keep the 350NCR working in top condition.

It is important to remove the air tube on this model for ease of assembly plus the dummy rod will require greasing.

1/ Remove air valve cover and expel air from the fork
2/ Using a 27mm socket remove the air plug and pull out the air tube

3/ Using a 1.5mm hex key remove the rebound adjuster
4/ Using a 12mm socket remover the damper leg foot nut
5/ Using a 5mm hex key remove the air side foot nut
6/ Separate the CSU form the lowers
7/ Clean the lower leg and re-grease the seals
8/ Turn the CSU upside down and remove the cir-clip that retains the rod on the air side

9/ Remove rod and clean
10/ Re-grease the rod and replace it in to the stanchion

11/ Re-fit the retaining cir-clip and test the rod to make sure the cir-clip is correctly seated
12/ Carefully re-fit the CSU in to the lowers making sure you don’t snag the oil seals
13/ Using a 5mm hex key re-fit air side foot nut and torque to 11NM

14/ Invert the fork
15/ Grease the air tube
16/ Pour 15cc of SAE 7.5 oil inside the air tube

17/ Re-fit the air tube

18/ Tighten air plug to 11NM
19/ Using a syringe squirt 15cc of SAE 7.5w oil in to the DBC leg via the foot nut hole
20/ Using a 12mm socket re-fit the DBC foot nut and torque to 11NM
21/ Using a 1.5mm hex key re-fit the rebound adjuster

22/ Inflate to desired pressure


  1. Do I use Molykote 55 on the seals/dust wipers?
    On the 350 NCR Ti, can I refill both legs through the bottom since their is a coil on the right side instead of the air tube?
    What 7.5 weight oil do you recommend?

  2. yes, you can do both via the bottom on the coil fork if needed. USE SAE7.5w

  3. Hello Dan,
    Thank you for the blog, it's awesome.
    When filling the air tube with oil where is this oil meant to end up once the air spring piston is inserted? As in above in the positive side of the air spring piston or below the piston?
    Also what grease would recommend for the seals, air shaft and bushes?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. oil in the lower leg, so bellow the air piston. for grease with have tried many but our new favourite is Buzzy's slick honey

    2. Could you please explain in what way the oil from the air chamber goes to the lower leg? It's a bit confusing because the oil seems to remain in the air chamber. Why do you need to fill the air tube and insert it in the inverted fork? Why can't you just pour the oil inside the stanchion and push the air tube from above?

  4. Hi, I recently serviced my 350CR. But after two tries I'm still getting a squelchy sound under rebound. It gets a little less if i add more rebound. It also only happens rebounding from big compressions. Have i forgotten to do something?

  5. Hi, on my 350 cr my red lever has no 1.5 screw to be retired, i don't know how to unplug this red caps.
    Here is a photography
    thanks for help me

  6. Hi, my 350 ncr fork stanchions measure 145mm in length. Is this normal for what are advertised as 160mm forks, or do you think there will be a spacer in there? Thanks

    1. i think you have 1 or 2 spacers inside , follow the tuto video to verify, it's not difficult to disassemble the leg, i've reduced mine from 160 to 150 with 1 spacer ...