Thursday, 16 February 2017

Marzocchi 053 adjustments

The 053 C2R shock is Marzocchi's flagship Enduro air shock it features high and low speed compression and rebound adjust plus a three way trail selector lever with adjustable gate. Here we show you what each function does.

053 C2R
Downhill setting: no platform, compression working purely on shims
Trail setting: Firmer compression for general riding
Climbing setting: Firm compression for climbing - this mode is adjustable see next.
Adjustable blow-off (gate setting): Wind fully in for maximum and out for minimum.
RED adjuster for rebound adjustment.
High speed compression ORANGE, low speed compression GOLD
The piggy back air valve can only be charged with the factory charging tool and does not need to be adjusted.
re-charging reservoir *not user adjustable* 
Simple set up:

1/ set sag - Enduro bikes 30-35%
2/ set rebound - as fast as possible while still remaining controlled.
3/ Set low speed compression - to dial out any un-wanted low speed movements or for a firmer ride.
4/ Set high speed compression - to make the bike more progressive on big hits.
5/ Gate adjust - this is down to your personal preference.

Find a quick loop with a drop, some roots and some interesting trail features, but it is important that it is repeatable. Repeat the loop and experiment with the settings paying attention to how the bike feel is changing on each loop. Make sure you have a shock pump with you and don't be afraid to change the settings, your bike will feel different on the trail to what it did in the car park.

Note: compression settings will vary depending on bike and suspension curve design. For example some bikes are very efficient peddlers so platform may not be needed at all. Some bikes have very progressive curves, so high speed may be minimal.


  1. Really useful guide, thank you.

    It would be very interesting if people could sharing their basic setting, according to the bike model and driving style.
    though can you share what you use for the transitions patrol?

  2. It would be greatly appreciated if you could make a guide/video on how to service the shock/damper

  3. this is a tricky one. In theory you need a vacuum pump to bleed this shock, but we can bleed without, BUT you do need a charging tool (pictured above) so because of the tooling required this shock is not suitable for service by the home mechanic.

  4. good idea, I'll ask all the guys I know that are riding it for their settings and what bike it is applicable too.

  5. I have it for a year now on GT Sanction and weighting 220 lbs with kit have 190 PSI, both compression in a middle and rebound quarter from the middle position towards faster rebound. 1 or two clicks depends how I feel the track. I am sure however it have to be dialed because there are moments when it feels much worse than it should on DH terrain where my coil shock behaves much nicer. Going to Rogate this weekend to do some dialing and jump practice.

  6. What grade of oil and volume did You use when doing an oil change? I have this shock on my on one codeine.

  7. the oil is 7.5w but ideally you need a vacuum pump to bleed it and you need a unique air bleed tool as well, so for these reasons we recommend you have the shock professionally serviced and not to do it at home.

  8. any base settings? i cant find nothing nowhere. air pressure is normally given for your weight?

  9. Hello, isn't your order of downhill/uphill the wrong way round?
    Mine is exactly in opposite positions.

    Question: Is only the uphill mode adjustable?
    What happens along with each knob in clockwise/counterclockwise turning direction?

    1. The yellow knob adjusts movement in high speed meaning turn clockwise for more efficiency for pedaling or for a firmer ride.

      The orange knob is low speed compression meaning turn it clockwise for less bottom out from bigger hits like drops.

      The Gate adjustment when turned clockwise adjusts how much force is needed to compress the shock in climbing mode

      When the red knob is turned clockwise, the shock will extend faster after impact

      The opposite effects are applied when turned Counter Clockwise

    2. Hallo

      The Yellow ( gold ) knob = low speed comp. The orange knob = high speed comp . the red knob = Rebound , clockwise = slow ( more damping)

  10. How many clicks of racha adjustment do you guys have? Curious to try others settings mine feels like it can be a lot better