Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Service: Shiver SC 2002-2005

The Shiver SC service is fairly straight forward , however there are some major relating to the bushing over a standard service, we have detailed the procedure here.

Parts needed
Y850690, 30mm seal kit
Y5249, SAE 7.5w oil

Tools Required
R5089AB, seal removal tool
R5107AC, seal insert tool

General Tools
1.5, 2mm allen wrench
15, 21mm socket
8, 10mm spanner
Flat bladed screwdriver
Electrical tape
Torque wrench

Service Instructions

1/ Remove ETA lever & Pre-load adjusters
2/ Remove cir-clip
3/ Using a 21mm socket remove both top plugs
4/ Remove internal pre-load adjusters, washers & springs
5/ Drain the fork of oil.
6/ Using a 15mm socket remove both foot nuts
7/ Remove damper assembles
8/ Carefully prise both dust seals up and slide along the stanchions
9/ Remove oil seal retaining cir-clip
10/ Place the steerer tube in a vice and sharply pull each stanchion away from the
upper assembly
11/ Remove stanchion bush and slide off seals, washers & the static bush
step 9                                                         step 10                                                    step 11
12/ Place electrical tape over the bush seat and apply oil to the tape
13/ Slide dust seal on, oil seal, washer & static bush
14/ Remove tape and refit stanchion bush

step 12                                                      step 13                                                     step 14

15/ Slide stanchion back in to upper assembly
16/ Using Shiver SC seal tool seat oil seal and refit cir-clip
17/ Re-fit dust seal
18/ Refit damper cartridges and torque foot nuts to 11 Nmm
19/ Re-fill with SAE 7.5w oil, 35mm from the top of the slider when fully compressed
20/ Re-fit springs, internal pre-load assembly
21/ Re-fir top plugs, cir-clips, pre-load adjusters and ETA lever

Pre-load Stock spring HARD, options; soft 5141162, medium 5141163, x-hard 5141191
for x-hard use SAE 10w
Rebound 1-3 turns out from fully in, depending on pre-load


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