Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Service: Marzocchi 888RC3 2008-2013

The 2008-2013 888RC3 is a simple fork to service as it follows the same procedure as all open bath Marzocchi's, however it just has more parts!

Parts needed 
Y8501451, 38mm seal kit
Y5249, SAE 7.5w oil

Tools Required 
YR5214/C, 38mm seal press

General Tools 
1.5, 2mm allen wrench
17, 24mm socket
Torque wrench

Service Instructions

1/ Remove all adjuster knobs, be careful when removing the pre-load knob not to loose spring (95) and ball bearing (96) that index’s the adjuster.
2/ Undo both top plugs using a 24mm socket.
3/ Remove spring guide (53) and main spring (51).
4/ Pour oil out of the top of the fork. Make sure you use a suitable container and recycle responsibly.
5/ Undo both foot nuts, RH (37) using a 5mm hex key, LH (88) using a 17mm socket.
6/ Remove RC3 cartridge unit (80).
7/ Separate the stanchions (21) from the lower legs (3) by simply pulling them apart.
8/ Prise the dust seal up (12) using a flat bladed screw driver.
9 /Remove foam ring (19).
10/ Remove oil seal retaining clip (13).
11/ Remove oil seal (14) using tool Y536064GG/C and a flat bladed screw driver.
12/ Inspect and clean all parts.

13/ Install new oil seal (14) using press tool YR5214/C
14/ Install oil seal retaining clip (13).
15/ Install dust seal (12) on to the stanchion (21).
16/ Install foam ring (19) on to stanchion (21). For best performance pre-soak rings in SAE 7.5w fork oil.
17/ Insert stanchions (21) in to the lower legs (3), making sure you do not snag the oil seal.
18/ Using your thumbs seat the dust seals in to the lower leg.
19/ Re-fit RC3 cartridge unit (80).
20/ Re-fit both foot nuts and torque to 10NM.
21/ Re-fill with SAE 7.5w synthetic motorcycle fork oil. For oil volumes please refer to the oil volume table is these differ on model years/ Damper design.
22/ Cycle RC3 damper (80) several times to ensure the cartridge fills completely.
23/ Re-fit the main spring (51) and spring guide (53).
24/ Re-fit both top plugs and torque to 10NM.
25/ Re fit adjusters.


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  2. Can you tell me how to close the Footnut on the Cartridge Side.
    Mine is always turning thru with the Evo Cartridge?!

  3. we use an air gun with (torque settings) in the workshop as you need to spin up the nut quickly. You could try an electric drill if you don't have access to an air line?

  4. Hello,

    I´ve found oil (about 15cc) in the dry side of the bottom out chamber. I changed the outer ó-ring (part 84 of the plane) but after some ridings, it still appears oil in the chamber. I think I should change the inner o-ring, but I don´t know how extract it.
    I´ve tried to separate the black plastic pulley from the red aluminium piston but I couldn´t do it (I´m afraid If I force the plastic I couldo break it).

    How could I extract the inner o-ring?


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  7. I'm having an issue with oil leaking out of the compression adjustment on my 2012. I have had it serviced for the same issue but it still leaks. Any ideas as to what is wrong? It is an EVO V.2. with the TI Spring installed.

    1. check o-rings 86/ 87/ 90, if the problem persists you will need to change complete part 91.

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  10. 2014 888 cr compression not working. Do you have a service manual for this fork and also what spring is stock with the forks and what is the part number of the next size up. Thanks in advance danny

  11. Hello. My fork remains blocked on the first 2 centimeters when it rests. I am to oblige of shot(pulled) for which returns. Come out from what his comes ? Thank you

  12. Hello. My fork remains blocked on the first 2 centimeters when it rests. I am to oblige of shot(pulled) for which returns. Come out from what his comes ? Thank you

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  14. Hello
    In the oil quantity section of the blog, the spec for the '08 888 RC3 is 310cc per leg.
    This is different in your blog post. Why ?

    Thanks for this awesome ressource!

    1. 335 is for the EVO V2, for the 08 go for 310, I'll make that clearer in the post!

  15. Hello, hoping you still check on this post. I bought a 2013 rc3 evo v2 ti, which was topping out in the last 1-1.5 innches of travel, I thought this would be due to low oil levels in damper, but having changed the oil and put the recommended 325ml, the problem continues. I've tried even higher oil levels but it seems like the damper won't fill up. Rebound works fine for 90% of the travel and then just shoots out the last 10. cycling the fork intensely works sometimes and lasts a little while, but the problem pops up even while riding as if there were an air bubble at the top of the damper that wont go out. What could be wrong with the damper and which area of it should I be looking at to see what the problem is?