Thursday, 21 February 2013

ETA Remote Control Instalation

For 2007 Marzocchi offer a remote control device for the ETA on the XC600 model, this was a lot simpler than the TST version as this had an internal return spring.

1/ Remove the outer cable ferrule and using gear cable cutters shorten the outer cable by 55mm.
2/ Reinstall outer cable ferule and fit the cable to the cable guide.
3/ Using a 2.5mm hex key remove the centre fixing screw and using a 2mm hex key loosen both grub screws.
4/ Remove ETA cable rotor mechanism, making sure you note its resting position.
5/ Tighten the 2mm grub screws to lock the cable in the cable rotor.
6/ Rotate the cable rotor making sure to wrap the cable in the rotor’s cable groove.
7/ Install the rotor in the resting position.
8/ Using a 2.5mm hex key reinstall centre fixing screw.
9/ Check the function of the lever and adjust any cable play using the lock nut adjuster



  1. Hello!
    Do you know where can I find the ETA remote control?
    I think that SR Suntour models can fit in Marzocchi forks. Have you tried this?

  2. the Suntour lever wont work with this generation Marzocchi as this model was pre-suntour production. Sadly the remote control lever kit is no longer available from Marzocchi.