Thursday, 21 February 2013

Travel Adjust - Marzocchi forks 2010 +

In 2010 Marzocchi completely dropped the ATA travel adjust and reverted to a travel limiting spacer.
Models covered are 44 Micro Ti, 44 TST2, 44RLO, 44LR, Corsa LR, Marathon LR, Marathon R, 55CR, 55R.

The travel spacer is available as a spare part, Y536181, ssp £6.95 each

For new 2012/13 LR, CR and R models and additional bleed of the Dynamic bleed cartridge may be necessary, for this you need to watch this video:



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  2. Hi do you know where I can get the spacer in the uk

    thanks fred

  3. you can order via any Marzocchi dealer using the product code 536181


  4. Thank you for the words of support on the post. I appreciate it.
    Keep up the great work & happy blogging!


  5. hey i have a 55 rv 2010 fork(160mm travel) that i would like to do a travel adjust on to maybe 140mm or 150mm. I live in south africa...nobody has Marz parts here(Ive checked) where do i find a internals diagram for my fork and do you have any advice on how to lower my travel a bit on this fork? thanks

    any help or advice from anyone is also much appreciated.

    1. it is not easy to travel adjust the RV as it is a coil fork. So to do so will require junking the coils and converting to air spring, then travel reduce it. It is not simple but it is possible, my advice would be to leave the travel as it is.

  6. hi all ive just purchased a 2014 320 lr and its at 100mm
    I want to adjust it to 120mm is it just a case of removing the spacer as above ? thanks tam

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