Thursday, 21 February 2013

Service guide: Marzocchi DH3 + XCR

 this service procedure is for the classic Marzocchi DH3, the routine can also be applied to the XCR (Nitro) and also the XC50/51 models (24mm stanchions)

Seal kit:

YR4208/C – low pressure shock pump
YR5008BZ - Air cap puller
seal press no longer available

General Tools
6mm allen wrench (extra long)
Cir-clip pliers
Flat bladed screwdriver

Service Instructions:
Let all the air out of the fork
Place air cap extractor tool on shreader valve (17)
Tap tool (thus tapping plug) 10mm into the stanchion (19)
Remove cir-clip from inside the stanchion (38H)
Pull upper plug unit out of the stanchion (17)

Empty fork of oil into a suitable container
Use an extra long 6mm allen key down the centre of the stanchion and undo (53)
Remove stanchion (19)
Remove Dust seal(20), cir-clip (38) & oil seal (22)
Clean fork components and check for wear & tear.
Replace oil seal, cir-clip & dust seals.
Replace stanchion & tighten foot screw
Re-fill with 20w oil (XC50/51 = 7.5w) 35mm from the top of the stanchion with the stanchion fully compressed.
Replace upper plug (17) & cir-clip (38H)
Pull plug (17) up hard against the cir clip (38H) using air plug tool to check that the cir clips is correctly seated.
Inflate to 30-45 psi


  1. Where can I found Seal replacement kit for Marzocchi DH3?
    Are these still available anywhere?

  2. the seal kit has now been discontinued from Marzocchi, so your only option is to find some 'new old stock' or pattern parts?

  3. I managed to buy off a bike shops older Marzocchi stuff, especily 26mm oil seals, but have also other parts.
    --> you can contact me via